Goldbelt Incorporated, An Alaska Native Corporation

Long before Juneau became a bustling capital city, the Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska called this region their home. For centuries, the Tlingit lived in coastal villages, subsisting on the bountiful resources found in the surrounding forest and waters. It was not until the later 1800s that Southeast Alaska began to attract a lot of attention, when Chief Kowee of the Auk Tlingit Tribe led prospectors Joe Juneau and Richard Harris to huge deposits of gold. The stampede was on, and the area quickly became known as the “Juneau Gold Belt.”

The present day management of Goldbelt, Incorporated is continually seeking new opportunities for its 3,300 Tlingit and Haida shareholders. Overseen by a board of nine directors, Goldbelt, Inc. is a for-profit, urban Alaska Native corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), signed into law on Dec. 18, 1971. Under ANCSA, the federal government settled the issue of Native aboriginal claims to Alaska’s land by dividing the state into 12 regions and creating for-profit corporations to represent Native shareholders. Within each region, villages and towns organized their own corporations. Goldbelt, Inc. represents the Juneau area, where the majority of its shareholders reside. The corporation’s primary purpose is to own and manage assets, investments, rental property, land and timber, and to conduct business for the benefit of its shareholders.

Goldbelt vigorously pursues businesses in the tourism industry and has acquired operating companies including the Goldbelt Hotel, Mount Roberts Tramway, Seadrome Marina and Raven Eagle Gifts retail shop. Through these subsidiaries, Goldbelt seeks to share its traditions, heritage and culture with guests from around the world.

Goldbelt’s vision for the future is to continue to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of its shareholders by achieving business goals that increase its corporate value while enriching the state and Native cultures of Alaska.