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Cultural Attractions At the Mount Roberts Tramway

Mountain House and the lands around it provide a natural backdrop for a remarkable display of Alaskan art. Indoors and along outside pathways and hiking trails, visitors walk past a varied and changing gallery of Native and historical works. As part of a Native Alaskan corporation, the Mount Roberts Tramway is proud to honor Native ancestors and celebrate the thriving Tlingit, Haida and other cultures of the Goldbelt Region by sharing these artworks and cultural displays with the people of Alaska and the world.

Among the Mount Roberts Tramway’s cultural attractions:

  • Living Tree CarvingsLiving Tree Carvings
    Carvings by Richard Beasley on trees along the Alpine Loop Trail are examples of an ancient Tlingit custom known as Culturally Modified Trees. Always placed on spruce trees, each carving is made without endangering the tree, which creates a protective seal around the carving that discourages insects and diseases from penetrating the surface.
  • Battle of Sitka Painting
    More than 200 years ago, Kiks.ádi ancestors fought against invading Russian forces and their Aleut captives at the mouth of the Indian River at Sheet’ká, called Sitka today. The 1985 painting by Louis Glanzman depicts the warrior K’alyaan, who according to Tlingit elders wore a Raven helmet and used a Russian blacksmith’s hammer while defending his homeland.
  • Raven and Tl’anax’eet’ák’w (Wealth Bringer) Totem Pole
    Carver Stephen Jackson (Shaakakóoni, the Mountain Flicker bird) transformed a once-living, 400-year-old red cedar tree into a Tlingit story-telling totem that relates raven legends. The artist occasionally adds new details to this monumental work.
  • The Fisherman Carved Panel
    Jim Skannes’ massive carving of a halibut fisherman celebrates the genius and fortitude of the Alaskan Native. The 8 foot by 8 foot yellow cedar panel, hanging in the Mount Roberts Tramway’s lower terminal, weighs 400 pounds.
  • Salmon Return Cascading Beaded Waterfall
    Juneau artist Clarissa Hudson (Daal sak’oo tlaa, Widely Known Person) honors the traditional use of beads in a shimmering piece made from 150,000 Czechoslovakian faceted glass and Austrian crystal beads.

Besides the works listed above, more cultural displays are found along the Mount Roberts Trail System and in Raven Eagle Gifts.

Open May through September
2014 Operating Times TBD

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