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Alaska Hiking On Mount Roberts Trails

Take a walk in the wild at the top of the Mount Roberts Tramway.

Bring your camera to capture breathtaking views from the Mountain House platform and other observation points.

Mout Roberts Tram Walking TrailsOutside the Mountain House at the 1,800-foot level of Mount Roberts, trails begin in a sub-alpine ecosystem before leading into the true alpine another 300 feet up. The main trail takes hikers to open vistas, mountain valleys, snow gullies, rocky ridges and stunning views of mountains in Glacier Bay, British Columbia, the Southeast Alaskan panhandle and Admiralty Island National Monument.

The well-marked trail system has hikes suitable for every ability level, including a trail that is handicap-accessible. Interpretive markers describing many of the flowers, plants, trees, birds and animals are placed along the loop trail for self-guided walks. Visitors can discover Mount Roberts’ trails, birds, wildlife and wildflowers on their own or purchase a guided tour with an expert naturalist.

Hiking Trail Attractions

  • Wildlife
    Eagles, ravens, ptarmigan, grouse, marmots, Sitka black tail deer, red squirrels, mountain goats, black bears and porcupine are among the mammals found in the sub-alpine and alpine environments.
  • Plant Life
    The lush rain forest and sub-alpine meadows yield an abundance of wildflowers and colorful ground cover.
  • Culturally Modified Trees
    Trees with totemic carvings depicting Native legends are found along the trails. For more information, see the book Along the Mount Roberts Trail in Juneau, Alaska, available at Raven Eagle Gifts or online at

Hiking Trail Notes

The Mount Roberts Tramway recommends that guests hike the trails leading up the mountain rather than trying to hike the steep trail that leads down through the forest to the edge of town, which is a steep, muddy, slippery trail with unmarked hazards.

Alaskan trails can be unforgiving. Always hike with a companion, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return, carry plenty of water, use foot wear that provides good traction and ankle support, dress for weather, take a map or GPS and be aware of changing conditions. View the safe hiking video.

Open May through September
2014 Operating Times TBD

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